40-50 Year Recertifications

40 Year Recertification Miami


We arrive at the site, conduct our 40 Year Inspection and a typewritten report is produced specifically for your building, based upon the results of our inspection. The report format and content is strictly specified by the municipality, so theoretically all reports will be the same. This is where many clients assume that “since all reports are the same, what difference does the inspector make?” However, we know that some inspections are simply handwriting out their reports on-site. This crude solution is offered as a “benefit” to you, by saying that you get your report instantly, with no waiting.




  • • Just how can anyone produce all the required photo documentation on-site?
  • • Further, if there is any parking at the building, A “parking lot lighting” portion of the report must be completed. We do this the right way by actually measuring the parking lot lighting, at night, in accordance with the requirements.


Additionally, many municipalities are now re-inspecting the building again… after… your engineers have submitted their 40 Year Certification Report. Why? Well, the party line might be to verify that your engineer did a thorough job, but it may be another attempt to generate additional fees, by assessing “late filing fees” if your report needs to be amended or modified from the original submittal.


Don’t take chances with unknown inspectors. Call us today for a 40 Year Recertification in Miami Dade or Broward County.

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